Assembly labour and complete manufacturing

REDI Srl, beside basic Assembly labour, is specialized in Complete manufacturing, a service which includes providing and management of the material under processing.
Thanks to the experience of the office of internal purchases, able to obtain the best prices, and to a large stock of raw materials and components, REDI responds rapidly and efficiently to the needs of its customers.
The Assembly labour allows the integration of the supply of the materials with the labor required to perform the work allowing to offer clients a complete turnkey service and an immediate assessment of the cost of the product obtained.
The providing of Complete manufacturing, REDI S.r.l.'s office of internal purchases is responsible to ensure the UL and CSA conformity of the customers' products with accurate controls on the procurements of components and raw material.

There are four existing areas until nowadays: industrial wiring, programming electonic components, cutting of small metal parts, tampography.
At the beginning they were meant for our internal production, but in time they have been constantly followed and taken to the outside world in support of ever new demand, from different realities and applications.
Each of these departments, now breathes and feels the evolution and constant growth thanks to the passion for our work and the will to open even more to the outside world and its varied requests.
Our main strenght is flexibility and the knowledge of numerous realities, suppliers and a staff park, able to support every request, from the most common but urgent, to the most unthinkable but curious.